Introducing: Simple Concept

Simple Interface, Infinite Sounds

A New Soft-Synth Powered by the Concept Synth Engine

In January 2020 we expanded our catalogue to bring our mission to improve the way sound is designed and performed to music production with the launch of our debut soft-synth, Concept.

Concept was awarded ‘Best Plugin of NAMM 2020’ by SonicState, and was featured at the top of the MusicTech Best Software at NAMM list.

We are now pleased to announce a new addition to this range with Simple Concept – an interactive and easy to use soft-synth powered by Concept’s synth engine. With a simple workflow and a user-friendly set of controls, Simple Concept lets you focus on what’s most important: your music.

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Meet Simple Concept

Effortless, quick, and controllable, Simple Concept lets you shape your own synth sounds without a steep learning curve. 

Create infinite preset variations with a single click using Tweak It, and create unique basses, leads, pads, keys, textures, and FX in an instant.

Focus on the music and let your inspiration take shape quickly with Simple Concept’s user-friendly set of controls. 

Let Your Inspiration

Take Shape…

  • Get started using a range of 80 inspirational presets and create unlimited sounds in an instant
  • Shape your own unique basses, leads, pads, and FX from a range of flexible adaptable controls
  • Create infinite preset variations with a few clicks using Tweak It
  • Explore a fast and streamlined workflow and interact with modulation and effects with a few controls to focus on your music

£20 / €22 / $25

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Concept Dark Mode

A Colour Re-fresh for Concept

Concept 1.1.0 Update: What’s New

To coincide with the Simple Concept launch, we’re pleased to introduce the first update to Concept: Alongside 55 additional new presets, including a collection by Matteo Milani (Unidentified Sound Object), Concept has been given a colour-refresh with an all-new optional dark mode.

  • ‘Dark Mode’ User Interface option
  • 55 New Presets by Matteo Milani (Unidentified Sound Object) and the Krotos Sound Team
  • Software improvements

Introductory Offer:

£68 | $99 | €79

£99  |  $129  |  €119

Concept will be available at a discounted price until 31st August 2020

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The onboard effects played a huge part on the sonic character of my presets, to impart a distinct cinematic flavour.
I easily mastered Concept only after a few hours of experimentation. I can’t help but recommend it to everyone!

Concept is an endless generator of sonic ideas. The modulation system is a win-wind deal: you’re sculpting great sounds in a breeze.
Learn the basics of synthesis, while patching: this instrument is fun for every synth-lover, both beginners and advanced users.

– Matteo Milani Unidentified Sound Object

Concept Preset Designer Matteo Milani


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