Robert Dudzic: How I Use What I Use

Getting to know the Sound Design Bundle 2 in ‘How I Use What I Use’

Robert Dudzic Explores Sound Design Bundle 2

Renowned sound designer Robert Dudzic explores our flagship Sound Design Bundle 2 for his latest youtube video.

Robert is known for his acclaimed trailer sound design work, with credits from Mad Max Fury Road, Mission Impossible, Terminator: Genesis, Fantastic 4, Need For Speed, and so many more.

On his YouTube channel, Robert shares tips and tricks in his ‘How I Use What I Use’ series, and covers the Krotos Sound Design Bundle 2 in his latest episode.

Join Robert in the studio to hear how Krotos software speeds up his workflow, and learn some quick tips for making the most out of Reformer Pro, Dehumaniser 2, Weaponiser and Igniter!

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Sound Design Bundle 2

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Sound Design Bundles offer the best value and give you the most flexible, efficient and creative workflows by combining their full plugin catalogue with additional Sound Effects libraries.

  • Save hours of editing time and design, customise, and perform the best sounds and Foley quickly and easily.
  • Find new ways to interact with sound and streamline your process for designing Foley, creatures, weapons, footsteps, textures, vehicles, and other unique sound effects directly in your DAW.
  • Explore creative and unique workflows for Audio Post-Production, Game Audio and Education with specialised software that eliminate repetitive tasks and processes, allowing you to focus on creativity.
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