Vocal Layering, Foley Performance and Library Blending with Reformer Pro

Tzvi Sherman is a sound designer and re-recording mixer who has worked on films and television shows for Netflix, Warner Bros, Paramount, ABC, and more. (Find him online everywhere.)

Tzvi has taken some time to record three quick demonstrations of his favourite sound design processes with Reformer Pro, which cover vocal layering, Foley performance and library blending. Watch the videos below to learn new tips for making the most out of Reformer Pro!

1. Vocal Layering 

“Reformer Pro is a great way to quickly replace or layer in random permutations from your sound effect libraries to create new sounds and vocalisations based on live-input or pre-recorded files.”

Watch how Tzvi layers dog recordings with a black leopard to give this chomper enemy character an alien feel.

2. Foley Performance

“Besides vocal layering, Reformer Pro is a great way to quickly perform Foley layers with just your voice, and replace them with any material to create believable and detailed coverage.”

Here’s a quick Witcher 3 re-design, using a microphone input to instantly perform the character’s movements.

3. Sound Library Blending

“One of the biggest strengths of Reformer Pro is its ability to seamlessly blend up to four sound libraries simultaneously, allowing you to mix random permutations of effects until you arrive at exactly the sound you want.”

In the final video, we’re experimenting with blending libraries to design a nasty aggressive robot sound.

Ready to try this yourself? Download a free 10 day demo to test out Reformer Pro!

Reformer Pro

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Reformer Pro is a unique ‘sound design instrument’, that transforms pre-recorded audio files into performable sound effect libraries in real-time.

Interact with sound like never before and perform your Foley, Animal, SciFi or Impact SFX instantly and intuitively within your DAW, saving you hours of editing and easily capturing subtle movement and nuance that elevate your project to another level.

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Reformer Pro is a unique ‘sound design instrument’, that transforms pre-recorded audio files into performable sound...
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