SoundMorph Portals sound effects pack has been adapted for use with Weaponiser in this brand new library!

We have collaborated with SoundMorph to formulate powerful door sounds that are rich with detail and ready to be used out-of-the-box, or customised to your heart’s content.

This SFX library sounds incredible. Using it with Weaponiser will deliver fast, exciting and powerful results. With 50 presets of various door types including everything from medieval stone doors and contraptions through to science fiction doors and portals, we have incredible sounding, highly customisable sounds ready to slot into your projects.

Have fun designing castles, spaceships, portals, trap doors that are ready to be used within your film, tv, video game and podcast projects. With time sensitive deadlines always looming, these sounds are primed and ready to go!

$71.40 inc. VAT ($59.50 ex. VAT)

You save $71.40 (50%)