Robotic, Sci-Fi, Mechanical, Servo, Transformer, UI, AI, Pneumatic, Devices, Movement

Robotic Lifeforms 2 by SoundMorph is one of the most comprehensive robotic sound effects libraries currently available. A must-have for your next futuristic sci-fi project!

Robotic Lifeforms 2 is an enormous 11.5GB additional library of designed and source files for an all-encompassing robotic sound design collection.

This extremely flexible sci-fi library covers a vast range of categories such as transforms, mechanisms, movements, servos, energy, impacts, textures, synths, and much, much more. 

Step into the future and deliver powerful robots with this ultimate sound library collection!

$287.40 inc. VAT ($239.50 ex. VAT)

You save $287.40 (50%)

Library Information:

  • 4,133 Sound Files
  • 11.5 GB Size
  • 24 bit/192 kHz High-Quality WAV Files
  • 100% Royalty-Free Commercial License
  • Embedded Metadata
  • 30 Weaponiser Presets
  • 254 Reformer Pro Sound Packs

Contains three downloads:

  1. A zip file containing all source sound effect asset files with Metadata PDF
  2. An installer for your integrated Weaponiser library including assets and presets
  3. An installer for your integrated Reformer Pro library