All of the Coverage of Krotos Studio from NAMM and NAB Show

The NAMM and the NAB shows were a resounding success once again this year, and we got the chance to exhibit all of the new and upcoming features to the Krotos Studio platform. Below we share a rundown of Krotos coverage from the show and after.

Sound on Sound Magazine

Sound on Sound came by our booth to take Krotos Studio for a spin! Check out their video:

Sonic State

Krotos Product Expert Alessandro Mastroianni performs an excellent demonstration of Krotos Studio’s speed and flexibility to Sonic State during their trip to the booth:

Charly Rodriguez

After stopping by to say hello at NAMM, Spanish singer, producer and DJ Charly Rodriguez went home, got his hands on Krotos Studio and filmed this awesome demo in Logic Pro X!

Producer & Audio Engineer, Gabey Baby

Gabey also visited us at NAB for a Demo of Krotos Studio, and included it in his news rundown on his YouTube channel

Cactuzz Sound

Sound Designer and Audio Post-Production Engineer Cactuzz Sound covered Krotos Studio in this video:

Melodie Music Australia

We met Melodie Music Library at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, who came to our booth to explore Krotos Studio and featured it in their “Turn up the Volume: Top New Sound Design Tools for Content Creators” blog post:

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Melodie Music Library Team at NAB Show

“Don’t have a foley pit in your edit suite? No problem! This innovative plugin allows filmmakers to create unique sound effects…With its extensive library, you can use Krotos Studio to create everything from custom cloth tracks to perfect nature ambiences and tailor-made whooshes.” – Andy Wilson, Music Library


I have played with this program a bit now, and am impressed with the variety of sounds you can generate and how easy it is to get some great sounding trailer intro and effects sounds with the Genesis upgrade. It is quick and easy enough that I no longer have an excuse not to have a great sounding intro for any projects. – CinemaTechnica