Create Hollywood Sound in Seconds

The sound design platform for all skill levels. Stop spending hours searching, editing, layering, and sounding like everyone else. Unlock your creativity and start performing outstanding sounds instantly.

Join the priority list to get access to the free version of Krotos Studio upon its release.

Krotos Studio is launching in 2023.

Krotos Studio will be compatible with:

Our early adopters are loving it

“Krotos Studio is the only solution I go to for any type of sound design on a day-to-day basis. It is the Swiss Army knife for sound and an industry-standard on the horizon.”

Nikola Jeremić
Composer / Sound Designer
Cyberpunk 2077 • Destiny 2 • Warhammer 40k

“Krotos Studio has become an invaluable tool for sound design. It has fundamentally changed the way I work and think about designing sounds.”

Tony Gibson
Sound Designer, Molinaire Post Production
Misfits • Warhammer 3 • SAS: Rogue Heroes

“With ever tightening schedules, the need to be quick, creative, and unique has never been stronger and I see Krotos Studio allowing me to be all three.”

James David Redding III M.P.S.E.
Sound Designer, Sound Effects Editor
The Queen’s Gambit • The Americans • City on a Hill

Why Krotos Studio?

Sound design for all skill levels

  • Whether you’re just getting started in sound or a seasoned pro, now can create outstanding sounds.
  • Say goodbye to endless searching through websites and libraries.
  • Pick a category, tweak it, and perform it.

Simplicity or total control. You choose.

  • Simple workflow for beginners when quick results are important.
  • Ultimate control under the hood whenever you need it.
  • Add your own sounds.

Any sound, from within one platform.

  • Reliably deliver everyday sounds such as transitions, intros, outros, whooshes, Foley, and background ambiences.
  • Ready to perform complex tasks like weapons and vehicles.
  • Access to a huge range of sound effects. And we make navigating through them a piece of cake.

Deadlines looming? No problem!

  • Work smarter and faster. Not harder.
  • Never compromise on quality again.
  • Deliver Hollywood-quality sound…yesterday.

Join the priority list to get access to the free version of Krotos Studio upon its release

Yes, you heard it right!

There will be a free version of Krotos Studio with a limited feature set. The free version will be released in batches and the only way to get your hands on it will be by joining the priority list. Also, you’ll be the first to hear exciting updates about Krotos Studio.


How does it work?

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What payment methods do you accept?

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How can I contact you?

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Do you provide support?

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