In the Studio with Alessandro Mastroianni

Composing a track using Concept

Composer & Sound Designer Alessandro Mastroianni has some amazing composition work for films, advertising and TV shows with credits including Prodigal, Gone Nine Months, Travestía, BBC, Netflix, and Animal Planet.

As a Concept power-user from the start, Alessandro now brings this soft-synth into his composition work on a daily basis. We wanted to get a closer look into his creative process with Concept, so we asked him to compose a track just for us. The result is a full masterclass, during which Alessandro walks you through creative process with Concept for a composition.

Join Alessandro in the studio for a track break-down walkthrough, and get a first-hand look into his techniques!

Take a listen to the final composition ‘Ceci N’est Pas Un Synth’ here:


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Push the boundaries of synthesis and modulation and learn how to build your own unique synth patches with Concept.

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