By popular demand, we’ve brought the power of all our software and libraries into two all-powerful bundles – Krotos Everything Bundle 2 and the Ultimate Bundle.


Since launching our bundles, we discovered the majority of Sound Design Bundle customers use their Krotos plugins and libraries in their workflow every week, helping them design and deliver faster than ever before. Particularly for sound designers working on their own or in small teams, our bundles have proven to be huge timesavers as well as empowering creativity to new heights.

Need to record a foley pass without a studio? Need custom vehicle design but no time or budget to record for the project? Need monstrous beasts and weapons to slay them? Look no further!

As many of you know, we have expanded our core products with various libraries. These are recorded ourselves but also integrate amazing assets from world-renowned recordists and providers like Boom, Soundbits, Soundmorph, Paul Stoughton, Coll Anderson and many more.

Favourites like our Weaponiser Explosions library or Reformer Pro Clothes and Materials allow you to perform, layer and create hundreds of varied assets for your latest scene, episode or game faster than a traditional DAW workflow. Performing 11GB of Robotic effects with Reformer Pro or Weaponiser and Soundmorph’s Robotic Lifeforms 2 has never been more fun or creative as Sound Designer Sigi Klar discovered in our video!

By popular demand, we’ve brought the power of all these libraries into two all-powerful bundles, with massive discounts.

Krotos Everything Bundle 2

Krotos Everything Bundle 2 expands our existing Everything Bundle (containing all of Krotos’s own libraries with all our award-winning plugins) to help you with even more sound design than before. Libraries including Explosions, Clothes and Materials vols 1 and 2, Elements, Mechanical vol. 1 are many more are now included with Simple Monsters, Simple Concept and Concept into one package. Existing Everything Bundle customers can upgrade to Everything Bundle 2 today!

Ultimate Bundle

Ultimate Bundle is the culmination of all these plugins and libraries from Krotos and all our library partners. All of our plugins are combined with 40 SFX libraries and 250GB of assets, all integrated with our plugins out of the box. This offers you the best of both worlds; a massive sound library covering everything you need for any traditional sound design workflow (all of our libraries can be used directly on the timeline or added to your search software immediately with metadata) combined with the supercharger Krotos workflow using these libraries.

If you are starting in Sound Design, setting up a new studio or facility or simply wanting to level up your arsenal this is the bundle for you. Sound Design will never be the same again!

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