New: Soundbits Reformer Pro Bundle Collections

We’re excited to introduce three fantastic new library collections for Reformer Pro.
Dark Ambiences, Unsettling Creaks & Squeaks and Just Chains Bundles were adapted in collaboration with Soundbits, and now available for the first time as out-of-the-box Reformer Pro libraries.

Built for Lightspeed Sound Design!

These three libraries are now carefully optimised to interact seamlessly with input from a live mic or pre-recorded audio file in your DAW. Load the library in Reformer Pro and start designing, automating and performing all your unique sounds in real-time!

Reformer Pro

Dark Ambiences Bundle

1,636 audio files, 100 Libraries, 3.75 GB

Sound Categories include:

Abstract, Alien Worlds, Ambiences & Roomtones, Cyberpunk, Dark Drones, Fantasy, Futuristic, Horror, Industrial, Other-Worldly, Sci-Fi, Soundscapes

£156inc. VAT

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Unsettling Creaks and Squeaks Bundle

707 audio files, 44 Libraries, 2.26 GB

Sound Categories include:

Balloon Creaks, Door Creaks, Leather Creaks, Metal Creaks, Wood Creaks, Rubber Creaks, Plastic Bottle Creaks, Dry Ice Creaks & more!

£84inc. VAT

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Just Chains Bundle

898 audio files, 9 Libraries, 3.66 GB

Sound Categories include:

Chain Pickup & Drops, Chain Hits, Sliding Chains, Rattling Chains, Footsteps, Chain Hoists, Rattling, Scuffling

£51.60inc. VAT

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