“Two Worlds” How-To Series 03:

Process Flexible Zombie & Astronaut Vocals with Dehumaniser 2

Dehumaniser 2 is a unique and flexible vocal processing and design tool. Empowering you to experiment, the intuitive modular workflow allows you to virtually “wire up” different effect modules with amazing results. Perfect for designing new characters, customising dialogue or creating terrifying zombies, creatures and monsters!

In this video, our resident sound designer, Andrew walks you through two interesting scenarios where Dehumaniser 2’s powerful sound design process and workflow are on show.

In part 1, we head off to space where Andrew designs a comm link dialogue effect for an astronaut.

In part 2, he performs a terrifying zombie sound to demonstrate how much energy and life (even for the undead) we can bring to a character using Dehumaniser 2.

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Why Dehumaniser 2?

From creatures and monsters to processing subtle vocal dialogue, jump right into your creative work and create unique and varied vocal sound design treatments in an instant.

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