Reformer Pro is a powerful sound design instrument that is capable of a whole range of unexpected uses.

The dynamic input feature makes Reformer Pro perfect for organic sound designs that are full of movement and variation. It affords the ability to emphasise dynamics and create gestures.We recently interviewed the awesome Aline Bruijns – Sound Designer for AudioRally Sounddesign and The Solos – we talked about how she uses Reformer Pro as a powerful and capable design tool for Sound Effects and Foley. Aline shared some great ideas based on how she has used it in her sound design work for live installations.

When using a microphone or another audio source, Reformer Pro dynamically responds to the input. You can emphasise certain points in a design, and Reformer Pro will follow.” – Aline Bruijns

Aline Bruijns


Movement is an crucial part of sound design as it brings sounds to life, adds flow to a scene and makes everything more organic. Reformer Pro is well equipped to create movement quickly and easily.Speak louder into the microphone or play a louder MIDI note and Reformer Pro will give you a loud and punchy sound. Similarly, if you whisper or play gently, Reformer Pro will generate more subtle sounds. Perform loud and quiet dynamics in real time with the microphone and Reformer respond smoothly and organically!


Creating dynamic sounds like this is often the first step into a sound design. Once the blueprint is there, Sound Designers look to add layers to emphasise parts of the sound. Browsing and auditioning the right files takes a lot of time and effort, and once the sound almost works, then the designer then has to place them in an approximate spot on the timeline in a tedious edit-play-edit-play process.

The built-in analysis tool helps to eliminate this issue. Reformer Pro can transform your own static library sounds into something much more fluid & dynamic.Emphasise low end frequencies by playing the sound on the lower keys of a MIDI controller or adjust your vocal register. Similarly when you need to accentuate higher frequency range – climb up the keys or enter into upper vocal register and Reformer Pro effortless adapts to your input.Already these functions on their own offer much more organic movement and than traditional sound layering – but now consider what you could create by being more dynamic with your input. With Reformer Pro, sound comes alive in a way that would require a tonne of trial and error and automation in a DAW.With libraries that are ready to work right off the bat, when you need organic gesture in your sound designs you can let Reformer Pro handle movement and emphasis, leaving you to focus on creating rich, detailed sound designs.

Aline Bruijns Interview

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