New: Coll Anderson & Sounddogs Foley Bundles

We’re excited to introduce two new Foley collections from renowned sound designer Coll Anderson and legendary sound effect producers, Sounddogs – both carefully optimised to interact seamlessly with Reformer Pro – a plugin that transforms pre-recorded audio files into performable sound effect libraries in real-time via a microphone, input audio file or MIDI controller.

Introductory Offer: Save 40% for a limited time

As part of our annual Library Sale, both these new libaries will be available at an introductory offer of 40% off for a limited time – the perfect opportunity to add new essential Foley sounds to your collection.

Our Sound Libraries combine high-quality assets with pre-analysed libraries for Reformer Pro – offering you the best of both worlds; a sound library with embedded metadata to use in a traditional fashion, or for immediate use with the cutting-edge workflow of your Krotos software.

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Coll Anderson Foley Bundle

275 audio files, 26 Libraries, 2.4GB

The Coll Anderson Foley Bundle is a fantastic new range of Foley effects including rocks, snow, metal, ice and gun Foley by Coll Anderson and the Krotos Team – a versatile addition to any core library and an inspiring jumping-off point for designing unique SFX.

Sound Caterories include: Fire, Ice, Metal, Water and Plastic, Rocks, Snow and Gun Foley.

Introductory Offer

$166.80inc. VAT

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Sounddogs Foley Bundle

486 audio files, 46 Libraries, 2.4GB

We’re pleased to introduce a new large selection of sounds from Sounddogs. This library bundle includes everyday cloth and material, as well as ‘historical’-style Foley objects by Sounddogs –  ideal for any Foley, post-production, game-audio and sound design project.

Sound Caterories include: Objects, Antiques, Chains, Wood, Mixed Clothes Foley, Materials, Canvas, Fabric, Mixed Surfaces & more.

Introductory Offer

$166.80inc. VAT

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