5 Reasons to Start Using Dehumaniser 2 For Monster Voice SFX

Dehumaniser was the first Krotos product and it has been used in hundreds of films, games and TV series, but why should you start using it?

1: Focus on Creativity

Dehumaniser 2 allows you to design complex workflows in minutes that would take you hours otherwise, and to focus on high-quality, creative sound design. With Dehumaniser 2 you can create:

  • Complex creature and monster sounds
  • Dialogue effects
  • Robot voice intonations  
  • Music and vocal processing
  • High pitch effects and more

It includes a huge range of high-quality effects; some familiar (Pitch-shifting, Granular processing, Ring modulation, Vocoding), and some totally unique (Scrubbing Convolution, Spectral Shifting). These open up a whole world of vocal processing options for its users.

Use our extensive preset collection to introduce you to the plugin, and then jump into your own designs.

Could you create the same effects in a DAW? Some of them yes, but it would take you hours to set up multiple effect chains, find animal sounds, edit them, set up and manage buses etc. Instead of jumping back and forth between multiple plugin windows, Dehumaniser 2 provides this all in one window, with in-built dynamics and EQ controls for every single module, for ultimate control over your creative vision.

The plugin also includes a large selection of animal sounds (everything from tigers to magpies) to get you started with layering these into your designs.

2: Save time and as a result, money!

As with all Krotos products, Dehumaniser 2 allows you to achieve what you have in mind faster, reducing the path from your imagination to the final mix. 

The plugin allows you to browse through hundreds of presets and customise them based on what you want to achieve in seconds if you need to deliver a result quickly. 

“Dehumaniser made its money back in the first 24 hours!”
Brian Schmidt (Founder and Executive Director at GameSoundCon)

This speed of work allows you to get more done in less time while having more fun on your project.

Localisation of multiple languages is also made easy with Dehumaniser 2. Because the entire processing chain is in a single plugin, this can easily and affordably be used in multiple locations, facilities or countries; even sharing and adapting the original presets to emphasise the aspects of different languages or performances as required.

3: Performance 

You can do a lot of things by cutting layers of recordings, but performing a sound effect adds a different angle to a scene, where as a designer, you can transfer your emotions to embody the character instead of capturing a raw performance and then editing to suit.

This approach can also be much faster if last-minute changes are requested, or the edit of the scene changes!

Advanced functionality allows you to change the effects based on the level or pitch of the input sound; setting up certain processing to only occur at certain times or conditions, enhancing performances even further.

Voice actors will love making a performance and being able to hear the results in real time, so that they can adjust their voice and truly embody their character, taking their performance to another level.

Check out how leading VO company OM use Dehumaniser with their voice actors:

4: Your clients will love it 

The thrill of showing it to new people and clients, where they can create massive monsters immediately rarely gets old!

Hand the mic to your director or supervisor and see their eyes light up 😉

Some people even have their kids using it! 

5: Accessibility 

Whether you are a professional sound designer or you are getting started, Dehumaniser allows you to achieve results by either using presets or building complex effects from scratch. 

If you’re looking for a simpler entry point to Dehumaniser, try Simple Monsters. You can always upgrade to the full monster of Dehumaniser 2 later!

Try a Free Demo

Ready to try it out? Download a free 10 day Dehumaniser 2 demo, which comes with all of the software’s presets to test out in your own setup. 

Demo Dehumaniser


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