In the Studio with: Graham Kirkman (Luminol Audio)

Sound designer and dubbing mixer Graham Kirkman has been working in the industry for over 25 years, and has worked on projects such as Top Gear, Galapagos 3D, David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive, Clock Tower 3, and many more.

Recently, Graham worked on K4K Films & Shortcut Films’ indie film Tom & His Zombie Wife. As the title suggests, naturally this was just the opportunity to take to Dehumaniser 2 for the dialogue.

Tom and his Zombie Wife

“When I was asked to mix a film called “Tom and his Zombie Wife”, the very first thing that came to my mind was ‘…better get Dehumaniser 2 ready then!’.

If you need creature vocalisation, whether it be large or small, scary or cute, or a bunch of zombies then you simply can’t go wrong with Krotos’ Dehumaniser 2” – Graham Kirkman

Designing Zombie Characters for ‘Tom & His Zombie Wife’

In this session walkthrough, Graham offers an overview of his Dehumaniser 2 workflow during the project, sharing his creative processes and techniques for transforming the film’s actors into living dead creatures.

The first zombie finds herself at an early stage of re-animation. While not fully un-dead, but visibly infected, the character’s dialogue needs to retain a level of humanity. With some experimentation with Dehumaniser 2’s module combinations, pitch-shifting, and scrubbing convolution, the original input sound is quickly dehumanised and sounding monstrous right away!

The second zombie character is at a later stage of un-deadness: aggressive, exaggerated, and intended to jump-scare the audience. To deliver the intensity of this character, Graham loads up some of Dehumaniser 2’s most horrifying presets. After experimenting with the ‘Angry Beast‘ preset, Graham settles on the plugin’s ‘Creepy Beast‘, allowing further experimentation with the huge list of samples included in the plugin.

The third scene depicts a group of living dead characters. While the actors’ untreated dialogue performance is delivered out of character, this doesn’t stand in the way of a full transformation. Using the ‘Pulsing Beast’ preset, these vocals are processed into a monstrous group of creatures in an instant.

Big thanks to Graham Kirkman for walking us through this fun project! We hope this video has given you inspiration for what’s possible using Dehumaniser 2. Ready to give it a try? Download a free 10 day demo and experiment with the plugin in your own projects!

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