What is the difference between Simple Concept and Concept?

Simple Concept

Simple Concept is designed to be a quick and accessible soft-synth. To use the plugin, you use the powerful macro and ‘Tweak It’ systems to reshape pre-designed presets. It is a streamlined version of the Concept approach, and combines the power of the Concept synth and modulation engine into a single cohesive UI.

You cannot affect the parameters ‘under the hood’ of Simple Concept, which you interact with using Tweak it or the Macro system. However, by using Tweak It you can create infinite variations on these presets, and save them as your own user presets. You cannot adjust or save parameters affected by Tweak It or the Macro system (like the interaction with the oscillators, filters, FX or modulators) in Simple Concept, but you can do so in Concept.

That said, each preset has been meticulously designed, with interesting interactions between the three macros, so there is still a lot of opportunity to design and shape your own sound.

Krotos Concept and Simple Concept


If you’re a synth enthusiast, enthusiastic about sound design, or just want to dive deeper into the aspects of the presets from Simple Concept, we’d recommend graduating to Concept. All of the parameters available ‘under the hood’ in Simple Concept are able to be tweaked to your heart’s desire in Concept. You can also design and save your own custom presets using the full functionality of the plugin.

The plugin provides complete control over all aspects of the engine, including waveform and filter selection, adjusting multiple FX, modulators and more. Concept’s FX rack contains a high quality convolution reverb, which accurately replicates the sound of real spaces or equipment. This can add a truly quality edge to your synth sounds without using any additional plugins. You can even import your own sounds and impulse responses if you want to dive deeper into this area of sound design, with some truly exciting results.

Dive deeper into modulation with Concept’s unique XY Capture and Audio Input modulators. Concept offers precise control over these features which were only hinted at in Simple Concept. For example, set up 3 different Audio Inputs and have the oscillator of your synth patch influenced by the Kick drum in your track, have the Snare modulate the filter, and the Hats affect FX in the FX rack, all setup easily with drag and drop!

Concept Dark Mode

Pro Tip – Try dragging modular controls in Concept’s center panel from one modulator to another. This is very easy using our drag and drop UI, and can produce some wild and complex sounds really quickly

Tweak It also becomes a different beast in Concept. Choose exactly which parameters you want to Tweak, by whichever amount you like, including a Master Amount for the entire Tweak It system.

Unlike Simple Concept, Concept’s UI is also fully re-scalable. Simply grab the bottom-right corner of the UI and drag away! This is really handy if you’re working on a complex patch, or using many plugins in your track.

In Concept, you can also switch between Light or Dark Modes to your heart’s content, depending on your screen, time of day or personal preference. The current UI setting will be automatically applied to all instances of the plugin when added to your session.

To sum up, if you are an advanced user, and want to control all aspects of your synth sound, Concept is for you! If you’re not looking for control over every parameter, or are on a tight budget, then Simple Concept will be a great starting point.

Try a free demo

Remember you can try both Simple Concept and Concept for free. The demo does not expire, and can be run for 15 minutes at a time with full functionality (apart from saving your patches, which is disabled).


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Simple Concept

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