NEW Weaponiser 1.1.0 Update and Battle Bundle

The first major update to both Weaponiser Basic and Fully Loaded sees a whole host of new features and presets to further improve your workflow and maximise your creativity.

Greater Power and Variation

We’ve made it easier than ever to create dynamic, responsive sound design in Weaponiser. You can currently add speed and amplitude variation to any bank in any of the plugin’s four engines, but also load up to five samples into each bank. That’s up to 80 different assets to be chosen on every trigger, with variation on 32 parameters!

In V1.1.0, we’ve taken this to the next level by adding variation controls on all of Weaponiser’s synths. That’s another 22 parameters that can shift subtly or wildly on every trigger and round, even in Burst Mode.

Burst Mode now also has its own variation control, offering everything from subtle shifts, breaking weapons to drastically shifting fire rates, all programmable via one control.

Increased Bank and Burst Mode Flexibility

Banks are now even more flexible. You can switch between random/round robin, per bank, and also allow Burst Mode to operate in round-robin mode, incrementing files in banks per round. By filling your banks with assets and setting them to random, this decreases the chance of ever hearing the exact same sound twice, even for sci-fi weapons.

Say goodbye to ‘machine-gunning’ of assets (pun intended) and hello to an even more powerful sample engine tailor-made for sound designers.

Improved Mixing Capabilities

Weaponiser’s mixer now includes panning per engine, and an all-new expanded Multi-Mode EQ (with a range of filter types now supported on all bands) for each engine FX slot. This makes the mixing process and having tighter control over your sounds even easier than before. Stereo waveforms are also supported in all banks and engines.

Tail Mode

After many user requests, we’ve now created a dedicated ‘Tail On Release’ system, allowing a tail to be triggered on the release of the fire button or midi note, making it easier to achieve a cleaner mix or extra control over tails when in Burst Mode. We have also integrated this using ‘Tail Mode’. Simply use the ‘Tail Mode’ switch to activate or deactivate this new mode. Again, Weaponiser’s new features open up a whole host of creative possibilities. For example, try using ‘Tail Mode’ to automatically set up a reload sound in the tail engine, which will be triggered every time a burst finishes.

Expanded Reverb

Handling of the Tail modules’ impulse response reverb has also been improved. You can now trigger a tail on the release of the fire button or midi note, allowing a cleaner mix or extra control when in Burst Mode. This allows for precise control of spatialisation, as well as some interesting creative possibilities!

New Assets and Presets

For Weaponiser Fully Loaded owners, this update also includes a huge new set of presets from the following artists:

  • Bryan Celano (Dead Space, Gears of War 3 and Metal Gear Solid)
  • Jim Stout (Sound Ideas Library, sound designer for Native Instruments and more)
  • George Vlad (Mindful Audio, Door Kickers)

These provide a total of 41 new presets and 402 new assets for use in Weaponiser Fully Loaded (designed and provided for by these artists).

Weaponiser V1.1.0 is a free update for owners of a Weaponiser Basic or Weaponiser Fully Loaded iLok license. To get Weaponiser Fully Loaded V1.1.0, customers should log-in to their Krotos account.

New to Weaponiser?

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Introducing The Weaponiser Battle Bundle

We are excited to present our NEW Battle Bundle, designed in partnership with Red Libraries and Stephan Schutze (Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendency and The Polar Express) for use with both Weaponiser Basic and Weaponiser Fully Loaded.

Featuring a staggering 5854 high-quality combat sounds – from sword attacks and rapiers to chainmail, shields, metal, hand-to-hand combat, body falls and impacts plus much more, the Battle Bundle is one of the most comprehensive libraries of battle-related sounds ever recorded for TV, film and video games.

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