We recently ran a giveaway, giving sound designers and fans of Krotos the chance to win Dehumaniser 2, our powerful vocal processor for designing complex vocal sound effects and processing dialogue. The number of entrants was incredible and it was great to see so much love for Dehumaniser 2.

Always, the best part of running a giveaway is informing the winner. That person was Alexander Ahura – we got in touch with Alexander find out a little bit about him and how the prize will be put to use.

Alexander Ahura, winner of our Dehumaniser 2 giveaway
Alexander Ahura, winner of our Dehumaniser 2 giveaway

Hi Alexander, please tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Alexander Ahura, a Game Composer and a Sound Designer. My career as a Sound Designer and a Game Composer began in 2006.

Before doing sound design, I was involved in rock music, but this was not a successful career. Since 2006 I have found my calling and I do it with pleasure. The path of learning technology was thorny, but once I entered it, I could not leave it and keep going to this day.

In 15 years of experience in the game audio industry, I have contributed to over 300 projects. Some of the more interesting ones are Zombotron series, Knighttron, Shapik the Moon Quest, Creepy Tale 2, Bombastic Brothers, Deep Sky Derelicts, Message Quest, etc.

How will Dehumaniser 2 help you do what you do?

One of the most significant projects for me is the Zombotron series of games.

The game universe of this project is inhabited by a large number of alien life forms. Since the very first part, the series has evolved and the composition of the creatures has expanded. Character voices have been created for all creatures, and production of remastered old Zombotron parts for new platforms is currently underway.

And that’s where the Dehumaniser 2 tool comes in handy, which I was lucky to win. I am immensely happy about this fact. In addition, I will be able to use the tool in many other projects. Of which, I hope, there will be many.

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