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Tweak it is Concept’s unique customisation system. It is only available in the Concept plugin.

It allows you to quickly create variations of factory presets, or your own designs, without losing the initial character of the preset. By adding a parameter to the Tweak it system, you allow the parameter to be updated within a certain range every time a Tweak is triggered. You can add any number of parameters, so you could tweak one, or hundreds of parameters inside the plugin on a single Tweak. You can tweak almost everything in the plugin, including oscillators, filters, FX, Modulators etc all using the drag and drop. Each parameter assigned to Tweak it can have a different range. This means that some parameters will move more or less when a Tweak is triggered, allowing you to stay closer to the original values of some parameters, and go totally wild with others. Tweak goes way beyond a typical ‘random patch’ feature and allows you to reshape and spice up anything quickly and easily to get inspiration or a new angle on a factory preset, to your taste.

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