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Concept is a new synthesiser from Krotos, focusing on simplified workflow. It is a VSTi/AUi/AAX instrument and takes a fresh approach to modulation for soft synths, introducing three exciting new modulator sources; XY Capture, Audio Input and Tweak It. These are combined with classic modulation sources such as LFOs and Envelopes to create a new and exciting workflow. The plugin aims to be engaging and quick to produce satisfying results, no matter what you experience of synthesis. Like all Krotos products, it also aims to be a performative audio product, focusing on live performance, shaping and interaction. We have focused on making it clear what is happening in the plugin, so modulation information is not hidden or buried in sub-menus or tabs.

The plugin is and is supported on the following DAWs:

– Ableton Live

– Logic Pro X

– Pro Tools

– Studio One

– FL Studio (Windows Only)

– Nuendo

– Cubase

– Reaper

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