How do I move my copy of Concept between computers? Back to knowledge base

You can easy move your license for Concept between computers. This is done by deactivating the license on one computer, and activating it on another.

Please follow the instructions in the video below to deactivate your license, and activate on another machine:

For more information, see below:

To deactivate your license, go to the top bar of the plugin, and click on ‘Menu’ then click on ‘License’.

Here you will see your license information displayed for reference (in the image below this is blanked out for security purposes!)

Once you see this window, click on ‘Deactivate’, and then confirm.

This will deactivate your license from this computer.

Open up Concept on the new computer you would like to activate on.

Follow the procedure for activating the plugin as you did before, entering your same license key in the ‘Activate’ section of the popup window which greets you when you open the plugin. Click ‘Activate’. If you have any issues activating on other machines, please contact [email protected]

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