How can I save hard disk space when using Reformer libraries? Back to knowledge base

When you install a Reformer Library, including the Krotos Bundle 1 (which ships with Reformer Pro), you need to install both the audio files used in the library, and the databases that the plugin uses to reference these audio files.

You will always need to install the audio files to run your Reformer Library.

However, you can choose where these audio files are installed, including to an external hard drive. This will save you a significant amount of disk space on your local disk.

To do this, simply use the dialog box when installing on Windows, or on OS X click on the ‘Location’ dropdown in the installer, and choose ‘Other’, and navigate to your preferred location on an external hard drive

You also need to always install at least one set of databases for the plugin to run correctly.

Reformer Pro uses a different database at each different sample rate to ensure peak performance.

However, depending on the sample rates you intend on working at, you may not need to install all sample rates (which is the default option when installing a library). If you usually only work at 48khz and 96khz, you can choose to only install these databases. Simply open up the ‘Sample Rates’ section of the installer on OS X by clicking on the arrow next to ‘Sample Rates’. On Windows you can easily select the required sample rates from the checkboxes in the installer

Again, this will save you a significant amount of disk space on your local disk. If you find yourself needing another sample rate for a project, you can run the installer again at a later date and choose only the additional sample rates you require. Audio files will be reinstalled by default.

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