Do I need an ilok license to use Reformer or Weaponiser Libraries? Back to knowledge base

Most Reformer libraries do not need a specific iLok License for the library, but some older libraries do.

This license will be automatically deposited to your iLok account when you purchase the library.

You will need to activate this license in order to use the library in Reformer Pro. If you see a popup after you have activated the license, still asking for the license, please reboot your DAW and load the plugin and library again.

Weaponiser Libraries do not need an iLok License or any license key of any kind.

The list of Reformer libraries which require an iLok License for the library are listed below:
– Total Bundle 1
– Cinematic Metal
– Destruction Bundle
– Electro Mechanics Bundle
– Pigs
– Dogs Bundle
– Drag and Slide
– Handwriting Bundle
– Rocks Bundle
– Electronics Bundle
– Filthy Rhythms
– Electric Typewriters Bundle
– Computer Sound FX Bundle

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