Unleashing Creativity with Krotos Sound Design Bundles

Meet Seb Jarvis, a UK-based sound designer, content creator, and musician known for his sharp ear and boundless imagination. Seb has crafted an original sound design for a short sci-fi video, featuring an array of sounds from mechanical spiders, alien goop (ew!), and sizzling alien acid to roaring flamethrowers, mysterious portals, and formidable space beasts.

Seb Jarvis performing on stage

“These plugins help to create more sounds in less time, with a unique and creative workflow”

Seb Jarvis / Sound Designer, Content Creator

What’s in Store?

Join Seb in his home studio as he explores Krotos sound design plugins and sound effects, including Dehumaniser 2, Reformer Pro, and Weaponiser. These tools are integral parts of Krotos Everything Bundle 4. The video showcases Seb’s expert techniques and the versatility of our plugins, culminating in an impressive final sound design.

Watch video above and see what can be achieved with Krotos plugins. Join the ranks of creatives like Seb Jarvis and transform your sound design workflow today.