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Robotic voice effect creation is fast, fun and easy with Dehumaniser 2. In this video, Joy Banerjee uses it to recreate the robot voice of Optimus Prime in Transformers.

Using the pitch shifter, noise generator and spectral shifting modules, he transforms his own voice into Optimus Prime in a fast and fun sound design process.

He also takes advantage of Dehumaniser 2’s parallel processing to create complex vocal sound effects that would normally require long plugin chains, all in one window!

Check his video out below and purchase/trial Dehumaniser 2 to see how you can use Dehumaniser 2 for robotic voice sound effect creation!



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Purchase Dehumaniser 2 to unlock extreme vocal processing capabilities for your sound designs. With ten modules, numerous processing and routing options, real time pitch and granular effects and so much more, all in one powerful voice processing plugin.

Alternatively, why not take our 10-day trial? This enables you to explore Dehumaniser 2’s features and make some robotic voice effects that are unique to your sound effect creations.

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