Everyday Foley offers an exciting new way to add Foley sounds to your projects.

We are always looking to find ways to make Weaponiser even more versatile for use outside of weapons, and this library is a great way to express the power of Weaponiser. It is a new and versatile way to sync Foley to picture using Weaponiser’s multiple engines for variation and simplicity.

The sounds in this library offer an entirely new way to use Weaponiser for Foley. Designed by Stephan Schutze, Nick Netsall and Giorgos Mikrogiannakis, Everyday Foley contains 57 Presets for Weaponiser including for kitchenware, writing, household furniture and more.

This library features over 300 sound effect assets recorded at industry standard sample rates from 48KHz to 192KHz, plus 57 ready-to-go presets for Weaponiser to put into your project and keep the ball rolling.

$59.40 inc. VAT ($49.50 ex. VAT)

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