Provided by Coll Anderson.

The Coll Anderson Foley Bundle by Krotos and Coll Anderson offers a diverse range of foley effects including rocks, snow, metal, ice and gun foley – optimised for designing, automating and performing sound in real-time using Reformer Pro.

This bundle is a versatile addition to any core library and an inspiring jumping-off point for designing unique SFX. The collection offers a wide-ranging 2.4GB selection of professionally designed and recorded royalty-free SFX components, ideal for any Foley, post-production, game-audio and sound design project.

This library was carefully optimised to interact seamlessly with Reformer Pro – a plugin that transforms pre-recorded audio files into performable sound effect libraries in real-time via a microphone, input audio file or MIDI controller.

Load up the Coll Anderson Foley Bundle in Reformer Pro and add essential effects and sonic character to your project with ease.

This library does NOT require a special iLok License or any license key to use it. If you intend to use this library outside of Reformer Pro, no license key or activation of any kind is required. You will require a license for Reformer Pro to use it within the plugin.



$83.40 inc. VAT ($69.50 ex. VAT)

You save $83.40 (50%)

Library Information:

  • 271 Sound Files
  • 2.39 GB Size
  • 96/192 khz High-Quality WAV Files
  • 100% Royalty-Free Commercial License
  • Embedded Metadata
  • 26 Reformer Pro Sound Packs

Contains two downloads:

  1. A zip file containing all source sound effect asset files with Metadata PDF
  2. An installer for your integrated Reformer Pro library.