Foley, Gore, Historical, Materials, Textures, Sweeteners

Featuring sound effects created by Soundbits, Soundmorph, Sounddogs, and Coll Anderson, Foley Collection Vol. 2 comes jam-packed with over 29GB of professionally recorded sounds. Find a huge range of sounds including impacts, blood splatters, fire, chains, fabric, leather and many more SFX to help you build out your sound design.

Integrated to work out of the box with Reformer Pro. Realise the full potential of these awesome sounds, and enjoy the pleasure of our innovative workflow. You’ve got all the building blocks for creating advanced Foley sound design using Krotos products, the traditional workflow, or a combination of both!

A great all-round collection for a huge range of uses, perfect for any busy sound designer.

$1,042.44 inc. VAT ($868.70 ex. VAT)