Foley, Cloth Movement, Whooshes, Backgrounds, Materials, Textures, Sweeteners

Foley is the process of recording and reproducing everyday sound effects that are then added to films, videos, and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality. This Collection provides you with ready to use sound effects for some of the most common Foley use cases.

Flesh out your scenes with this great resource for everyday sound design. Fully integrated with Reformer Pro and Weaponiser the Foley Vol. 1 Collection is primed and ready to perform so you’ve got all the building blocks for creating advanced Foley sound design using Krotos products, the traditional workflow, or a combination of both! Packed with useful Foley sounds like footsteps, rustles, surfaces, water, wind and much, much more. This is an essential sound collection that every sound designer needs.

$693.00 inc. VAT ($577.50 ex. VAT)