The Newly Improved Reformer Pro is Here!

You asked, we listened! Many of you have requested that we expand the content that ships with Reformer Pro. From today, Reformer Pro ships with a total of 29 new libraries covering a huge range of use cases straight out of the box; cloth Foley, debris, air, fire, surfaces, animals, and electrical effects are all at your fingertips.

Reformer Pro UI with Analysis Tool

This makes Reformer Pro an even more powerful addition to your everyday Foley arsenal for post production and game audio workflows.

This new Factory Library is available to EXISTING and NEW users from today. If you are an existing Reformer Pro (or Krotos Bundle) user, simply log into your account and look for the new Reformer Pro Factory Content Installer. This replaces the older ‘Krotos bundle 1’ installer which previously shipped with the plugin.

For more information on the new Factory Library and how it can help your workflow, check out our new product page

Version 1.1.5 of the plugin is also now available. This contains a collection of fixes, particularly a range of crash fixes for Pro Tools and more efficiency gains.

Happy Reforming!

I already own Reformer Pro. How do I get the update?

We strongly recommend all users of the plugin upgrade to take advantage of this greater stability and efficiency.

To get the latest version of Reformer Pro, log into your Krotos account, and head to the ‘My Downloads’ section. Or you can simply hit the ‘Update’ option in the Menu bar in the plugin itself.