Happy International Podcast Day!

From big budget studios to on-a-shoestring bedroom setups, podcasting has taken the world by storm in the last decade. You can find interesting channels about everything from astrophysics, through cooking to mixed martial arts, and of course there’s a whole host of great sound design podcasts out there.

With the rising popularity of this amazing medium we would like to guide your attention to something that might spice up your stream. Then we’ll introduce you to an exciting new podcast by J. Barton Mitchell that is using Krotos products in its production.

The perfect sound effects library for your podcasts

First, we’d like to show you Krotos Starter Library. This library is packed with ready-to-go dramatic and suspenseful sound effects for all your podcasting needs. There is something in there for just about every use case – from ambiences, animals, cinematics, combat, Foley, footsteps, surfaces, magic, mechanical, weapons, and whooshes. You find a broad collection of high-quality sound effects spanning across classic categories of sound design.

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J. Barton Mitchell uses Dehumaniser 2 in the DERELICT podcast

DERELICT is a sci-fi narrative podcast, with a “feature-film-like level of audio production“. We caught up with Writer and Director J. Barton Mitchell to find out how Krotos has assisted in the production of DERELICT.

“The goal was always to have the show feel like you’re listening to a big budget movie or streaming show, and Dehumaniser 2 has been a big help in getting us there.”

The DERELICT podcast uses Dehumaniser 2 to process voices throughout the show such as radio talk, talking inside a dive suit helmet, and broken communications.

Have a listen to the teaser below, and find more details about the podcast at www.derelictpodcast.com.

Weaponiser sale

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