“Two Worlds” How-To Series 02:

Set your sound design project in motion and zoom through your whoosh sound effects!

A series of speedy pass-bys, light swoosh movements, thumpy fight scenes, or even stormy weather – whoosh sound effects often require repetition, variation, and movement.

You open up your footage and immediately spot the need to conquer a series of whips, swishes, and swooshes. Traditionally, track laying the movement, organising your files, and bringing in all the variations into your project can become a time-consuming task, and can throw an unexpected spanner in the works when it comes to delivering realism.

This is the perfect opportunity for bringing in Weaponiser! This audio-layering plugin is designed to put your project in motion faster. Create repetitive impacts quickly, while letting you deliver variation and precision while laying down your sounds to your footage in real-time.
To demonstrate a few different approaches to whoosh sound design, we’ve taken two pieces of footage to show you a variety of implementations for designing your perfect whooshes using Weaponiser in no time.


Part 1: Skipping Rope & Jumping Impacts

First up is a gym scene clip. Here we have a person jumping on a wooden floor with a skipping rope. Just like the orange advert clip, this is the ideal Weaponiser project so we can perform the impacts and whooshes using our Weaponiser libraries.

The Weaponiser Battle Bundle came in handy here, as it includes a variety of falls, and wooden floor impacts. Using a MIDI keyboard, we were able to perform our jumping person with a set of velocities to give it that believability to that straight away. With a bit of tweaking, we really quickly achieved that desired light impact sound our clip called for.

Finally, we needed to design the skip rope whoosh sounds! Here we’ve shown you how you can import your existing libraries into your workflow using Soundly to edit within Weaponiser. Adding in a bit of speed and volume variation, breathes life into your sound instantly!

We hope this shows you how you can make the most out of this powerful tool to add a bit of performance and variation into your sound design project quickly.

Part 2: Landing & whooshes for an orange toss

Our second clip in need of a series of whoosh sound effects, was a dynamic clip with changes and movement, featuring a person throwing an orange back and forth for an advert project. To make it sound organic, and save a lot of time, we’ve used Weaponiser with its included sound library to perform the scene along with the plugin.

The first sound effect we worked on was the sounds for the orange landing in the person’s hand. You can load your own recordings and samples into Weaponiser, so here we’ve simply recorded a quick take of an orange, that could be dropped straight into Weaponiser. This sample is now ready to be laid down while playing along to the footage using a MIDI keyboard.

This workflow lets you perform the speed variation, as well as creating a different type of landing to make it sound organic. All it needed was a Thump layer to add more body, and a bit of tweaking to let the sounds gel the clip together.

Weaponiser comes with 574 whoosh sound assets, where we found a perfect fit for our flying orange. These can be loaded into the project with some randomisation, as well as speed and level variation, ready to be performed with the MIDI keyboard.

Our full clip now sounds fully dynamic, varied, and realistic, and we did it all in no time!

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Why Weaponiser?

Weaponiser is the powerful sound design sampler that allows you to design, customise, and perform a huge range of sound effects at high speed – all from within one plugin.

Save time by creating endless variations quickly, and perform your designs via MIDI, using hundreds of factory presets to create a huge range of sound effects: Real-world or Sci-fi weapons, Whooshes, Magic, Footsteps, UI, Transition and Cinematic effects and lots more

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