Families have been singing along with Baloo and Mowgli since Disney released The Jungle Book in 1967. This year it received an amazing face-lift and was re-released as a live-action motion picture that took the big screen by storm. The Bare Necessities had us all singing and dancing in our seats once again, but what us at Krotos really loved, was to hear Dehumaniser being used in the movie’s production. You can read the full article at Post Magazine.

Director Jon Favreau, famous for Elf, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and Cowboys & Aliens, brought our childhood to life with amazing detail while ensuring our favoured classic would enthral an entirely new generation. Receiving amazing reviews from The New York Times, Timeand Rolling Stoneit’s no surprise that in the movie’s third week it’s still the UK’s #1 movie and has earned over $717 million worldwide. With those figures, we can’t help but be proud.

Great job Jon!

Dehumaniser, is vocal processing software makes monster and imaginary creature sounds in real time, and it’s used by the entertainment industry in films, video games, radio and theatrical performances. To see a list of our current client projects, please click here. To find out how Dehumaniser can help you with your latest project, please contact us.