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Simple Concept is designed to be a quick and accessible soft-synth. To use the plugin, you use the powerful macro and tweak it systems to reshape pre-designed presets. It is, by design, streamlined and focuses on a small set of controls.

You cannot affect the parameters ‘under the hood’ of Simple Concept, which you interact with using Tweak it or the Macro system.

However, by using Tweak It you can create infinite variations on these presets, and save them as your own user presets.

You cannot adjust or save parameters affects by Tweak It or the Macro system (like the interaction with the oscillators, filters, FX or modulators) in Simple Concept, but you can do so in Concept.

Concept allows complete control over all aspects of the plugin, including adjusting FX, modulators and more.

If you are an advanced user, and want to control all aspects of your synth sound, Concept is for you! If you are looking for quick, quality sounds that are easier to control, Simple Concept will be a great starting point.

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