Can I use the same presets in Simple Concept and Concept? Back to knowledge base

Yes! You can use the presets from Simple Concept, although they may behave slightly differently.

All presets in Simple Concept have been specially designed to make the most of the Macros and Tweak it functionality. We have included all of these presets in Concept (which currently does not include the macro system) as of version 1.1.0 to allow you to dive deeper into these presets and go beyond the limitations of Simple Concept. So these presets can be used, but not in exactly the same way, since Concept does not include the macro system since is at the core of Simple Concept.

However some of these presets may have slightly different names (e.g. ‘GriffRecce’ from Simple Concept is included in Concept as ‘GriffRecceJones Bass’ under the Ruckspin Artist Presets) or will be included in the preset categories in Concept (Bass, Leads etc)

If there is a particular preset from Simple Concept you are struggling to find in Concept, please contact customer support.

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