Cloth Foley, Movement, Rubs, Scratches, Whooshes

This is Volume 2 of our Clothes and Materials Foley sound effects library. Volume 1 is one of our most popular sound effects libraries that forms part of many thousands of sound professional’s toolkits.

The collection of 460 clothes and materials sounds are optimised and primed for use in Reformer Pro in the form of 34 sound packs. Just grab your microphone and start performing a wide range of cloth Foley sounds directly in your DAW!

This library features high quality recordings of clothing materials such as acrylic, burlap, canvas, cotton, denim, nylon, plastic, plastic floor mat, plastic netting, plastic shower curtain, polyester, polypropylene, silk, sleeping bag, waxed jacket, woollen blanket, and woollen cloth.

$274.80 inc. VAT ($229.00 ex. VAT)

Library Information:

  • 34 Reformer Pro Sound Packs
  • 460 Sound Files
  • 3.55GB Size
  • 24bit / 192kHz High-Quality WAV Files
  • Mono
  • 100% Royalty-Free Commercial License
  • Embedded Metadata

Contains two downloads:

  1. A zip file containing all source sound effect asset files with Metadata PDF
  2. An installer for your integrated Reformer Pro library including assets and sound packs