Explosions, Debris, Metal Friction, Impacts, Drones, Destruction

Our Destruction Collection brings together powerful sound effect libraries created by Krotos, Soundbits, Soundmorph, and Silverplatter Audio. With this comprehensive collection of explosive, impactful sfx, you’ll have all the building blocks to create seismic destruction sound designs using Krotos products, a traditional drag & drop layering approach, or a combination of both!

Inside this massive collection, you’ll find a wide range sounds perfect for designing explosions, debris, metal friction & impacts, structural collapses, drones, and much more. So whether you’re designing individual assets like demolition, warfare, construction, horror, or sci-fi/fantasy, our Destruction Collection will help you take your sound design into the next level!


$451.08 inc. VAT ($375.90 ex. VAT)