SoundBits Demolition Sound Effects LibrarySoundBits Demolition Sound Effects Library

SoundBits Demolition Sound Effects Library

Crash, Bang, Wallop! Meet your sound design destruction toolkit.

The Demolition Sound Effects Library by Soundbits delivers the ultimate collection of demolition and destruction sounds packed into one sfx bundle. We’ve adapted the Soundbits Crash & Smash and Just Impacts sfx libraries to work straight out-of-the-box in our award-winning sound design software, Weaponiser and Reformer Pro. Unlock the full potential of this sound effects library from Soundbits by turning it into a powerful tool in your setup.

This sound effects bundle covers a vast range of recorded and designed impacts, crashes, breakages, rubble, and debris from a range of materials such as glass, metal, stone, or wood. You’ll have the power to destroy and wreak havoc, without lifting a hammer!

Featuring 1,603 audio files, this sound collection offers a huge 3.9 GB (for Weaponiser) and 1.91 GB (for Reformer Pro) selection of royalty-free SFX components, ideal for any trailer, post-production, game-audio, and sound design project.

$198.00 inc. VAT ($165.00 ex. VAT)

or 6 interest-free payments of $33.00 with SPLITIT