Igniter Live for Wwise

Authentic vehicle sounds can not only be some of the most challenging sound effects to capture or create, they can also be some of the most expensive.

Igniter Live is a version of our Igniter Technology, ported, optimised and customised for use in Audiokinetic Wwise. Igniter Live is a unique combination of an advanced granular engine, a loop system, and synthesis which expands runtime vehicle design for games.

Key Features

Dynamic, RTPC-controllable vehicle system for a huge range of vehicles

Igniter Live is an all-in-one solution for designing any custom vehicle; from race cars, motorcycles, planes, helicopters and sci-fi vehicles. Your vehicles can easily be designed and auditioned in both the authoring tool plugin and Analysis Tool with synchronised behaiviour for engine and exhaust.

In-depth control and customisation of granular analysis

Using our unique suite of analysis tools, automatically detect or manually track harmonics through any source material (or specific sets of material) with ease using a GUI. These tools maintains the original character of recordings with a huge range of vehicles.

Design, audition and synchronise Engine and Exhaust simultaneously within our Analysis Tool to ensure the best possible overall model. Use automatic pitch detection for placement and transitions of loop systems.

Combined granular, loop and synthesis workflow

Igniter Live allows you to combine different methods of design vehicles from within one workflow and a singte package format. Want to use loops at certain RPM ranges instead of granular processing or vice-versa? No problem. Want to layer an atlditional synthesis voice under a granular or loop-based vehicle? Simply use detailed pitch inform.ation from your assets to drive our powerful 4 voice wavetable synth with FM. AM and custom waveform import.

Low CPU and Memory

With an extremely effi cient CPU and memory footprint, Igniter sets a new standard. Design 6- layer loop systems and export to use as single Wwise voice using our custom WKEP format, or export PCM or compressed ADPCM formats to save on memory.


Audio Samples


The Igniter Live plug-in is compatible with the following Wwise versions: 2019.1 to 2019.2

Igniter for Wwise
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This plug-in runs on:

Android, Linux, IOS, Mac OSX, tvOS, Windows, Universal Windows Platforms, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Magic Leap, Google Stadia

The Story Behind Igniter Live

The Krotos team prototyped the various stages, working closely with a whole host of industry developers to get an idea of how professionals would want this kind of tool to work, and what they felt were the key features it needed to include. We were very pleased to see how the granular engine could handle a large range of use cases, whilst discovering that our loop systems are very powerful in of themselves.

Read more about how Igniter and its version for Audiokinetic Wwise came together in the interview with Matthew Collings of Krotos.

Wwise Up Hands On | Krotos Igniter with Audiokinetic

We go Hands-On with Igniter for Wwise with Audiokinetic. Take a listen to the advanced granular synthesis engine and discussing opportunities at runtime to leverage the powerful parametric vehicle engine simulation. From the use of Igniter as a Source Plug-in to the under-the-hood workflow of the Igniter Analyser, we takes us through the process of creating powerful dynamic vehicle engines.