Introducing Vocal Processing at Runtime

Hook into RTPCs and dynamically change character voices to match health, progress, age, or any other adaptive trigger
Dialogue enhanced with processing can easily be localized
Players can customize their player-character voices

With Dehumaniser Live, Krotos delivers the runtime vocal processing that game developers have been seeking for years. Using real-time parameter controls, designers can set up adaptive vocal effects that change tonality based on game conditions. That means a werewolf’s voice can morph from human to monster, and under enemy attack a robot’s voice can malfunction as its health decreases.Now, with runtime voice effects, dialogue enhanced with processing can easily be localized. No more sharing plugin chains to attempt voice processing consistency between languages! Plus, Dehumaniser Live revolutionizes multiplayer games with the Mic Input plugin that makes it possible to apply vocal processing to player voice chat, and then broadcast it through the game audio system for all the other players to hear.

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Key Features

Four modules including Granular, Delay Pitch Shifting, Flanger/Chorus & Ring Modulator. Shape your processing with built-in Low-Pass and High-Pass filters

The Simple Mode gives you quick access to five character-shaping parameters including Age, Aggressiveness, Size, Character and Wildness

Additional Solutions

Dehumaniser Live
Mic Input

  • For multiplayer games, take the audio signal from any connected microphone, transform it with Dehumaniser, and then broadcast it through the game audio system

Dehumaniser Live

  • Comes with Pitch Tracking, Pitch Set by UI and Noise modes, as well as a range of Carrier Waveforms, all fine tunable with Envelopes, Range Parameters and a Graphic EQ

Built for Audiokinetic’s Wwise on Supported Platforms


Microsoft Xbox One

Sony PS4

Native Integrations
Coming Soon



Middleware Support
Coming Soon

Firelight Technology’s FMOD


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