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With middleware integrations for Wwise on PC and console support coming soon, Dehumaniser Live provides a range of effects – giving voice to any sort of character. Built with the popular Dehumaniser technology, our solution gives you expansive control over parameters and modules, while saving resources and time.

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Available Products

Simple Mode

  • 5 dynamic parameters allow for quick and easy sound design based off a character’s Age, Aggressiveness, Size, Character and Wildness
  • Process RTPCs at runtime from our easy-to-use interface
  • Get started with wild presets like Creepy Human, Giant, Growling Beast, Rage Monster and Simple Goblin

Advanced Mode

  • Utilise four modules for your sound design: Granular, Delay Pitch Shifting (x2), Flanger/Chorus & Ring Modulator
  • Process RTPCs at runtime from our easy-to-use interface
  • Our Low-Pass and High-Pass filters give amazing control over the shape of your processing


  • Alter sound design with Pitch Tracking, Pitch Set by UI and Noise modes, as well as a range of Carrier Waveforms
  • Fine tune with Envelopes, Range Parameters and a Graphic EQ
  • Process RTPC’s at runtime from our easy-to-use interface

Mic Input

  • Take the audio signal from any connected microphone and transform it with Dehumaniser
  • Allow your VR community to truly become their character or avatar
  • Perfect for Simple and Advanced Modes

Custom Solutions for You

Using a proprietary engine? We can create integrations for any pipeline, seamlessly integrating our tools into your workflow. We can also support custom Dehumaniser Live features to ensure your project reaches its fullest potential. We offer support to meet the needs of your project, up to and after launch, ensuring any bumps along the way will be taken care of quickly and easily.


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