Explore adaptive audio with Dehumaniser

With middleware integrations for PC and console support coming soon, our Dehumaniser Live plugin can provide a range of effects – giving voice to any sort of creatures: robots, aliens, monsters and more. Built with the popular Dehumaniser technology, our solution gives you expansive control over parameters and modules, meaning you’ll be able to tweak settings until the audio perfectly matches your vision, right from within your engine or audio middleware. In addition, Dehumaniser for Game Audio Middleware can be hooked into the RTP controls, dynamically changing your character sounds along with player progress.

Process live voice – ideal for VR

Put your players in their environment by processing the live audio from their mic. By instantly turning them into their character, you’ll have the ability to immerse players like never before.

Save resources

With games growing in size by the day, resource budgets are pressed tight to the seams. By incorporating Dehumaniser Live into your project, you no longer need to load in numerous pre-edited sound effects, or pre-process dialogue. Our solution will handle all your character audio, processing it at run-time in your game, saving space and time.

Custom solutions for you

Using a proprietary engine? We can create integrations for any pipeline, seamlessly integrating our tools into your workflow. We can also support custom features to Dehumaniser Live to ensure your project reaches its fullest potential. We offer support to meet the needs of your project, up to and after launch, ensuring any bumps along the way will be taken care of quickly and easily.