Do Krotos plugins work in 32-bit hosts? Back to knowledge base

We currently do not issue new updates of our products supporting 32-bit hosts.

We have made this decision since we are a small team, and focus on issues that affect the majority of our users.

Most major hosts and applications now offer versions of their software as 64-bit, and most OS are also now only 64-bit compatible.

We highly recommend upgrading to 64-bit hosts and plugins as good working practice.

Since we have released versions of some plugins for 32-bit, here is a list of plugins which have a 32-bit version, although these are no longer actively distributed by our website or distribution partners. Some products have now stopped 32-bit support, so the latest version will not include changes for 32-bit versions of the plugin (again, another reason to upgrade to 64-bit, to get access to changes and improvements in the plugins you own)

Dehumaniser 2 – Latest supported 32-bit version = 1.3.0 (latest 64-bit version is 1.3.1)
Simple Monsters – Latest supported 32-bit version = 1.1.1 (latest 64-bit version is 1.1.2)
Reformer Pro – Latest supported 32-bit version = 1.1.2 (latest 64-bit version is 1.1.2)

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