Drills, Motors, Ramps, Welding Torches, Grinders, Pneumatic Tools, and much more

The Mechanical Vol. 1 Sound Effects Library packs a complete collection of unique sound effects into a high-quality library to bring the noise of mechanical tools to your next sound design project with ease.

Recorded by the Krotos sound team at Elgin Motor Works in Fife, Scotland, this collection contains a broad selection of designed and source mechanical sounds including drills, motors, ramps, welding torch, grinders, pneumatic tools, and much more. Swap the ear protectors for your headphones, and take home your mechanical sound design toolbox instantly!

$107.40 inc. VAT ($89.50 ex. VAT)

You save $107.40 (50%)

Library Information:

  • 1,398 Sound Files
  • 3.63 GB Size (Weaponiser) / 1.93 GB (Reformer Pro)
  • 24 bit/192 kHz High-Quality WAV Files
  • 100% Royalty-Free Commercial License
  • Embedded Metadata
  • 50 Weaponiser Presets
  • 20 Reformer Pro Sound Packs

Contains three downloads:

  1. A zip file containing all source sound effect asset files with Metadata PDF
  2. An installer for your integrated Weaponiser library including assets and presets
  3. An installer for your integrated Reformer Pro library