What is Concept?

Concept is a new synthesiser from Krotos, focusing on simplified workflow. It is a VSTi/AUi/AAX instrument and takes a fresh approach to modulation for soft synths, introducing three exciting new modulator sources; XY Capture, Audio Input and Tweak It. These are combined with classic modulation sources such as LFOs and Envelopes to create a new and exciting workflow. The plugin aims to be engaging and quick to produce satisfying results, no matter what you experience of synthesis. Like all Krotos products, it also aims to be a performative audio product, focusing on live performance, shaping and interaction. We have focused on making it clear what is happening in the plugin, so modulation information is not hidden or buried in sub-menus or tabs.

The plugin is and is supported on the following DAWs:

Ableton Live

Logic Pro X

Pro Tools

Studio One

FL Studio (Windows Only)




Can I get a demo?

Yes! Concept can be run as a fully-functional demo for 15 minutes, with no noise or interruptions. After this time the demo will stop, and no audio can be produced by the plugin. Saving presets, or saving your settings in your session is also disabled during the demo. Simply remove and add the plugin to your track again to restart this period. You can keep the demo on your computer for as long as you like, to get using the plugin. It will not expire after 10 days, like some other Krotos plugins.

Do I need an iLok?

No! Concept is the first plugin from Krotos to use our own copy protection system. You simply activate the license from within the plugin using your license key, and can even deactivate your license and pick it up on a different machine. 

You do not need an iLok account, or a physical iLok dongle to use the plugin.

Can I put my license on my iLok?

No. Because Concept does not use iLok for copy protection, you cannot use an iLok to store or transport your license.

What kind of sounds can I make with Concept?

Pretty much anything you can imagine! Concept includes hundreds of factory presets to give you an idea of what types of sounds it is capable of, including various Basses, Leads, Pads, Plucks and FX. Although the Concept workflow has been focused and simplified, there is no end to the sonic explorations you can go on using the plugin. Everything of window rattling subs, screaming leads to sound designed SFX for films and games can be created.

What is Tweak it?

Tweak it is Concept’s unique customisation system. It allows you to quickly create variations of factory presets, or your own designs, without losing the initial character of the preset. By adding a parameter to the Tweak it system, you allow the parameter to be updated within a certain range every time a Tweak is triggered. You can add any number of parameters, so you could tweak one, or hundreds of parameters inside the plugin on a single Tweak. You can tweak almost everything in the plugin, including oscillators, filters, FX, Modulators etc all using the drag and drop. Each parameter assigned to Tweak it can have a different range. This means that some parameters will move more or less when a Tweak is triggered, allowing you to stay closer to the original values of some parameters, and go totally wild with others. Tweak goes way beyond a typical ‘random patch’ feature and allows you to reshape and spice up anything quickly and easily to get inspiration or a new angle on a factory preset, to your taste.

What is XY Capture?

XY Capture is a unique modulation effect combining an XY pad with a way to ‘capture’ movements performed with this XY pad, and use this movement to control any parameter in the plugin. XY Capture allows you to go beyond LFOs, Envelopes or Arpeggiators and intuitively shape the response of any number of parameters, and record very complex, personal and performable movements. Once a movement is captured, you can edit it, sync it to tempo, adjust the speed or direction and much more. You can also use up to four XY captures in your presets. Check out some of our factory presets to see how this can be used in your own projects.

What is Audio Input?

Audio Input is Concept’s quick and easy pitch and amplitude follower. This allows you to feed multiple audio signals into the plugin (depending on your DAW), and use these as modulation sources. You can choose between amplitude or pitch analysis, and assign this to any parameter to modulate it. 

Instantly shake up your bass patches or pads by feeding in a kick, hat or melody into it, to gel your tracks in a whole host of new ways!