Silverplatter Audio Metal Works – Powerful Impact and Friction Metal Sound Effects

From Silverplatter Audio – this is a collection of metal impact and metal friction sound effects, recorded at 96khz/24-bit to capture the most meticulous details. Silverplatter Audio went wild when recording this library, using a rosined cello bow on everything from drum cymbals to sheet metal, dragging heavy, rusty cabinets and furniture across abrasive floors and scraping wheelbarrows over concrete.

The resulting library is a wild, raucous cacophony of metal sound effects which will fill your audience with enough adrenaline to make their blood run cold!

This massive metal impact and friction SFX library is ready to go out of the box and also includes WeaponiserReformer Pro integration – after installation, these incredible sounds will be added to your libraries inside our plugins. Hear them come alive inside our software, affording you new, malleable sounds from pre-existing files in ways unachievable otherwise.

$87.60 不含增值税增值税 ($73.00 不含增值税增值税)


  • 758 声音文件
  • 2.55 国标尺寸
  • 24位/96kHz高质量的WAV文件
  • 100%免版税商业许可
  • 嵌入式元数据
  • 41 改革者专业音效包
  • 129 武器师Presets


  1. 一个包含所有源声音效果资产文件和元数据PDF的压缩文件
  2. 为你的集成Weaponiser库提供安装程序,包括资产和预置。
  3. 为你的综合Reformer Pro库提供的安装程序,包括资产和预置。