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Free Water Sound Effects 2022 – Volume VII

This month’s free water SFX volume contains a range of free water sound effects for you to download and add to your collection. Download over 30 water recordings – featuring washes, bubbles, splashes and more.

Use these royalty-free sound effects within your projects – great for Foley, spells, magic and character design. These sounds are recorded at 192khz in pristine detail and are from bodies of water in a range of sizes, from the largest splashes to the smallest motions

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Sound Categories

  • Hydrophone
  • Splashing
  • Bubbles
  • Dropping
  • Pouring


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由Krotos提供。 从3.57GB的高质量混凝土、手擦、砾石、草、树叶、树枝、胶合板、鞋和木头记录中选择。