Dehumaniser: Bring your creatures to life

Dehumaniser is a powerful vocal processor, perfect designing a huge range of complex vocal sound effects. The Dehumaniser range of plugins allow sound designers to jump right into their creative work and easily produce complex creature, monster, robot and other extreme vocal sound effects.

Available in two versions, Simple Monsters offers a compact 35 presents in a simple interface, and Dehumaniser 2 is the full version, which allows you to automate hundreds of parameters, eliminating the time and expense traditionally required in creature sound design.

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Dehumaniser Simple Monsters
Krotos Dehumaniser 2
Dehumaniser Simple monsters
$99 / £69 / €79
Slider Layout or XY Pads Interface
5 dynamic parameters
Perfect for audio professionals, students or anyone looking for advanced sound design at great value for any post-production project
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dehumaniser 2
$399 / £279 / €329
10 Essential Modules
Automate hundreds of parameters
Work in real-time to design unique creatures, and save your workflow – down to each module, sample, and setting – making it perfect for localisation.
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