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Concept是拥有直觉般且创意的同步系统,让您创作补丁的过程中更加简易。Concept灵活的同步系统让您从传统声音合成器至复杂化的织体以及自定义的元素中创建一切。拥有新颖的方式让转调(modulation)将parameter映射到4个高效率可编辑的多重模式调转器之一。 Choose from a variety of flexible modulation options such as an Envelope/Pitch Follower, an X/Y Capture pad and the unique ‘Tweak It’ customisation system.




XY Capture is a unique modulation effect combining an XY pad with a way to ‘capture’ movements performed with this XY pad, and use this movement to control any parameter in the plugin. XY Capture allows you to go beyond LFOs, Envelopes or Arpeggiators and intuitively shape the response of any number of parameters, and record very complex, personal and performable movements. Once a movement is captured, you can edit it, sync it to tempo, adjust the speed or direction and much more. You can also use up to four XY captures in your presets. Check out some of our factory presets to see how this can be used in your own projects.


Audio Input is Concept’s quick and easy pitch and amplitude follower. This allows you to feed multiple audio signals into the plugin (depending on your DAW), and use these as modulation sources. You can choose between amplitude or pitch analysis, and assign this to any parameter to modulate it.Instantly shake up your bass patches or pads by feeding in a kick, hat or melody into it, to gel your tracks in a whole host of new ways!


Tweak it is Concept’s unique customisation system. It allows you to quickly create variations of factory presets, or your own designs, without losing the initial character of the preset. By adding a parameter to the Tweak it system, you allow the parameter to be updated within a certain range every time a Tweak is triggered. You can add any number of parameters, so you could tweak one, or hundreds of parameters inside the plugin on a single Tweak. You can tweak almost everything in the plugin, including oscillators, filters, FX, Modulators etc all using the drag and drop.


“I love the simple straight-forwardness of Concept, but also how you can surprise yourself by accidentally routing the wrong thing or creating blind variables and just randomising everything. So many eye-brow-raising moments!”

Dom Ruckspin – Music Producer, Composer and Mix Engineer (Submotion Orchestra, Ninja Tune, EMI)


Richard Devine(谷歌,Warp Records)

“Concept is a great tool for creation – an intuitive layout with great features like the visualisation panel. Having the parameters assigned to the colour of the LFO allows you to easily see what you’ve done to create sounds – which is super useful. Recording automation on the XY capture and reversing it was something that sparked lots of ideas for me!”

Kayla Painter (Brownswood Recordings)


Presets by

  • Roni Size (Reprazent, Universal)
  • Richard Devine (Google, Warp Records)
  • Kayla Painter (Brownswood Recordings)
  • Dom Ruckspin (Submotion Orchestra, Ninja Tune, EMI)
  • Hieroglyphic Being
    (Mathematics Records)
  • Alex Retsis (Native Instruments, Pro Sound Effects, Glitchmachines)
  • Jim Stout (Roland, Carma Studio, Beatport Sounds)
  • Krotos



  • Mac 电脑带有至少2.4GHz因特尔双核处理器
  • 4 GB RAM(随机存取储存器)
  • OS X 10.9.5 or later


  • 2.4 GHz 因特尔双核处理器
  • 4 GB RAM(随机存取储存器)
  • Windows 7 and above


  • This product does not use iLok
  • This product comes with 2 activations
  • 该软件可网络下载
  • Graphic card capable of running OpenGL 3.3
  • Formats (64-bit only): VST, VST3, AU, AAX Native
  • 激活时需要互联网连接
  • Supported host applications: Ableton Live 10 and above, FL Studio 20 and above (Windows Only), Reason 10 and above, Pro Tools 11 and above, Logic Pro X, Nuendo 8.2.10 or above, Cubase 10 and above, Reaper, Studio One
  • Audio Input is not supported on FL Studio or Studio One

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