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Is iLok Cloud supported for Krotos software?

We are beginning to support iLok Cloud Licenses for our products. Currently, Weaponiser (Basic & Fully Loaded) and Dehumaniser 2 are the only software that can utilise the iLok Cloud functionality, but updates for our other software will be coming soon.

Find more information about iLok Cloud here or here

Krotos iLok Cloud Supported Software:

  • Weaponiser Basic
  • Weaponiser Fully Loaded
  • Dehumaniser 2

If you bought Weaponiser before the v1.2.0 update, or Dehumaniser 2 before the v1.3.1 update, then your iLok license will not work for iLok Cloud. Only NEW licenses, deposited after this update will be capable of using iLok Cloud. For more information please contact customer support.

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