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Dehumaniser Lite is one of our best-selling Standalone products, perfect for students or projects on smaller budgets. It is built using our famous Dehumaniser technology, however since it is a standalone and not a plugin, using it within a DAW requires additional freeware software such as Soundflower, SourceNexus or Jack Audio.

The strongest aspect of Dehumaniser Lite, is that it allows you to interact with six presets at once using our Voice Designer’s radial pad. This lets you blend great effects together to create all new custom creatures.

On the other hand, Simple Monsters is a VST/AU/AAX plugin and consolidates many of the Dehumaniser 2 controls into 6 main characteristics sliders. This means you can build a creature from the ground-up based off characteristics like Size, Aggressiveness, Age and more. This enables faster, intuitive design, especially for users without a pro-audio background. The plugin also offers TouchOSC support, and a template is included with the software. OSC is native to the plugin, so you can use an iOS device to control the parameters without having to setup the host DAW (ideal for use in Pro Tools).

Either Dehumaniser Live or Simple Monsters would be a great choice for your project, it would simply come down to a few deciding factors. If you want to work quickly and easily within a DAW, Simple Monsters is best. If you’re looking to take existing pre-sets and blend them, then Lite might be better. Both products are available to test for free off our website, so feel free to explore them before making a choice.

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