Can I relocate or install Krotos Studio’s factory assets to a custom location? Back to knowledge base


In v1.4.0 of Krotos Studio we have introduced the option to relocate your factory assets to a custom location on your hard drive or an external drive. Since Krotos Studio uses a large collection of high quality recordings as part of its workflow this option can save multiple GB of disk space on your computer.

There are two methods to relocate your assets.

When installing v1.4.0 for the first time (as a new user or updating from an older version of Krotos Studio), you can choose a new location for your factory assets from the installer.

By default, audio assets will install to;


C:\ProgramData\Krotos\Krotos Studio\Factory Assets\


/Library/Application\ Support/Krotos/Krotos\ Studio/Factory\ Assets/

This installation option allows you to change it to any custom location you wish.

Choose your new location from the dropdown here in the installer, and choose ‘other’, navigate to your preferred location. The factory assets will be installed to this location.

Alternatively, once v1.4.0 is installed, you can relocate your assets at any time from within the plugin itself.

From the burger menu in the top right of the window, choose ‘Change Factory Assets Location’ and choose your location from Finder or Explorer. The plugin will automatically move your assets to this location.

Once you have chosen a new location from the installer or the plugin, this will be saved and applied to any future content you may install (e.g. the Genesis Sound Pack)

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